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Tax Penalties and Settlements

The Levy Group of Tax Professionals - Tax BillIf you’re facing crippling tax penalties as a result of unpaid taxes or unfiled tax returns, a tax settlement might be your only hope for true relief. Tax settlements are difficult to negotiate, which is why it’s important to bring in a tax abatement professional to handle dealings with the IRS on your behalf. If you live or work in the greater Indianapolis area and are struggling with income tax penalties, you can trust The Levy Group of Tax Professionals for expert tax help. Since 1991, we’ve been helping individuals and business entities procure IRS debt forgiveness and other taxes settlement options. If you’re ready to experience this relief for yourself, call or e-mail us now to schedule your initial consultation!

Working with a tax attorney or enrolled agent who understands tax penalty laws and how to file for the right tax settlement is incredibly important. Depending on the circumstances that led to your current tax troubles, you’ll be eligible for different tax debt reduction plans. The Levy Group of Tax Professionals can assess your situation and assist you with tax settlements including:

Certain forms of tax debt reduction are appropriate in certain cases. For instance, if you can pay the taxes you owe in manageable monthly chunks, we can help you negotiate an installment agreement with the IRS. If you owe more than you’ll be able to pay off within a reasonable amount of time, you might be able to secure an offer in compromise to lower the total debt balance. Penalty abatement, meanwhile, removes the fees and fines associated with your late payment, leaving you with only the original balance to pay.

The Levy Group of Tax Professionals takes pride in offering tax abatement services that are efficient and effective. Waiting to resolve a tax penalty will often only lead to your problems getting worse over time. The sooner you file for a taxes settlement, the better. We promise to work quickly without ever sacrificing our detail-oriented, accurate service. We aim to get all of our clients the best possible results, making those tax penalties go away through agreements with the IRS that mutually benefit both you and the government.  

To learn more about your taxes settlement options, contact The Levy Group of Tax Professionals today. We’ll put one of our licensed and insured tax experts on your case right away, so you can start down the road toward tax relief. You can trust our ASTPS-, NATP-, and NATRC-affiliated pros to be there for you, no matter how serious your income tax penalties have become. Plus, to help you plan ahead for the expense, we’ll give you a free cost estimate for our IRS penalty abatement services. There’s a reason The Levy Group of Tax Professionals has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau: we’re committed to our clients' satisfaction and financial security. Call now! 

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